TriWorks Corp. (Shareware)

The lack of physical space and the improvement of digital technology have led to the growing popularity of digital photo albums. Aside from these being easy to maintain, these are also cheaper to keep because no printing costs are necessary. There is a program that makes it simpler to edit, customize, and store digital image files in a digital album. This program is called Digibooks and it was created by TriWorks Inc.

Digibooks is a program that offers easy album generation and maintenance where image files direct from one’s camera can be transferred to a computer via USB. As soon as the files are transferred, the album wizard of Digibooks is launched automatically and it will guide the user step-by-step in creating the perfect album or album entry. After file importation, the application will prompt the user to enhance the images using its built-in customization tools and filters. It is also possible for the user to create custom frames and accompanying images and texts if desired.

This program also works with video files making it even more reliable. Files can be categorized into albums per event. There is a digital album shelf that will be generated as well. When necessary, different sharing profiles can be chosen including online transfers, memory card saving, and even CD or DVD burning.