Dig Dug

GameHouse, Inc. (Shareware)

Dig Dug is an arcade style single-player game. There are different types of monsters dwelling underground and the objective of the player is to inflate these monsters with the use of a harpoon weapon. The player must continue inflating the monsters until they pop. This is what eliminates them stage by stage. The game was created and released by Namco in 1982.

There are different stages throughout the course of a game and these stages vary in tunnel design. In some stages, obstacles in the form of rocks are placed underground. These obstacles are impenetrable for the main character. The monsters on the other hand can transfer from tunnel to tunnel. When the monsters are shifting tunnels, they cannot be harpooned. This can only take place when they have materialized afterwards.

Although Dig Dug is a single-player game, it can be played with a maximum of two players but it will involve waiting for turns. Aside from eliminating the underground monsters, the player should see to it that no monster escapes the tunnel. When a monster escapes, the player will immediately lose a life. Other methods by which the character loses a life is if he gets in contact with a monster is burned by a Fygar fire, or is crushed by a rock obstacle.