Dicter Translator 3.32

Zeyfman Genady (Freeware)

Dicter Translator is a small program for translating texts from one language to another. The program is based on Google Translate and is capable of recognizing texts for over 40 languages. This program eliminates the need to open a web browser window and look for text translations. Dicter Translator sits quietly in the system tray. To use the program, users can press the hotkey (Ctrl + Alt) to bring up the window. The program can also be opened by clicking on its icon on the system tray.

To use the program, highlight the text with the mouse. Press the hotkey combination on the keyboard and get the translation. Dicter Translator is capable of translating texts from documents and websites. The software also has an advanced mode. This can be used for editing the text. To use it, click ‘Advanced mode’ and the editing window will open. There are two buttons present on the main window’s application. The first button is for listening to text. This can be used to hear the correct pronunciation of words. The other button is for copying the text to the clipboard.

Here are other features of the Dicter Translator application:
• Comes in a small package
• Translations appear in less than five seconds
• ‘Language auto-detect’ feature