DiaperDash 1.1

Zemnott (Shareware)

Diaper Dash is a time management game where players are tasked to manage a daycare center in Dinertown to keep the babies happy. The game offers two game modes – Career Mode and Endless Day Mode. In Career Mode, players must complete each level before moving on to the next. In Endless Day Mode, players take care of babies until five babies become unhappy. When this happens, the game ends. Players can choose from Easy, Medium, or Hard when playing the game.

Diaper Dash offers 50 levels of play. The daycare center is set in different locations around the neighborhood. The aim of each level is to keep the babies in the daycare center happy. They have different needs, such as diaper change, milk, entertainment, and sleep. There are bubbles above each baby to signify their needs. Players must repeat the level if the minimum requirements for that level are not met. As the game progresses, players can purchase items that will allow them to make it easier to take care of the babies. Some of them include a storybook reader, a cleanatron, fast sneakers, and a toy dispenser. Players can also get more points by creating color chains for each station in the daycare center.