Diagram Designer

MeeSoft (Freeware)

Diagram Designer is an application that consists of tools for creating diagrams, slideshows, charts, and presentations. It has a simple and intuitive interface, which is ideal for both novice and advanced computer users to use. Menus and basic command buttons are located on the upper part of the main window. The center of the screen is the work area where users can create projects. The program comes with templates as well. This allows users to create projects easily without having to start again.

Some of the tools that come with the Diagram Designer include shapes, arrows, text, connectors, and drawing tools. Users also have the choice to add colors to charts. There are different styles to choose from as well. These are Electronic Symbols, UML Class Diagram, Polygons, LaChimere AutoRealm, GUI design 1, and Flowchart.

Other features of the Diagram Designer program are the following:

• advanced computer users can create diagrams in layers for a more complex project
• support for printing projects as bitmap
• uses low system resources and does not clog up the system
• support for spell-checking text added to diagrams
• users can save the template palettes that can be used for future projects