Blizzard Entertainment (Proprietary)

Diablo is a video game released by Blizzard Entertainment in 1996. This game incorporates action, role-playing, and hack-and-slash genres in its gameplay. A role-playing game is a video game genre where a player controls and guides a character as it accomplishes tasks that are crucial in the game’s story. Hack and Slash is another type of video game genre that focuses on combat. In Diablo, players would get to control a lone character in its quest to defeat Diablo, the Lord of Terror, in order to save the town of Tristram. Players would need to defeat a variety of monsters and enemies in sixteen dungeon levels in order to reach Diablo’s lair.

Diablo features three character classes that have unique skill sets and different weapons expertise. First character class is the Warrior, which is a character that focuses on close, hand-to-hand combat. The Warrior’s main attribute is Strength, which allows him to deal a large amount of weapon damage and take up a great deal of damage from enemies. This character uses close combat weapons such as swords, axes, clubs, and shields. The second character class is the Rogue. Rogues rely on ranged attack weapons such as bows and crossbows to deal damage from a distance. The Rogue’s main attribute is Dexterity, which increases attack speed and ranged weapon damage. The final character class is the magic-wielding Sorcerer. The Sorcerer uses wands and staves that allow him to cast powerful spells that do area damage. The character’s main attribute is Magic. Diablo characters level-up by gaining experience from killing enemies. Every time a character increases a level, the player can assign freely assign stat and skill points to enhance their character’s fighting capability. Character skills are arranged into “skill trees” meaning that a player must develop a lower class skill to be able to unlock more advanced skills.

Diablo features a variety of weapons, armor, and accessories that can be equipped in a paper-doll style inventory. Players can equip a helmet, body armor, rings, a necklace, and a weapon. Higher-level equipment in Diablo has a stat and level requirement that a character must meet before the player could equip it. In addition, weapons and equipment has a limited amount of durability and breaks once its durability points get depleted. Diablo also features supporting items such as health and mana potions that recover the player’s health points and magic.