Diablo: Hellfire

Synergistic Software (Shareware)

Diablo: Hellfire is a video game expansion pack released in November 1997 for the Diablo base game. Sierra’s Synergistic Software game development department developed this expansion pack. Diablo is a role-playing video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 1996. This video game features a hack and slash action genre where players take control of a hero character tasked to defeat a demon called Diablo, who seeks to destroy the town of Tristram and then conquer the world. Players guide their character into completing quests in a dungeon-based environment, which includes retrieving artifacts, defeating enemies and bosses, and performing other tasks. Characters may be equipped with different types of weapons and armor, use various supporting items, and utilize special offensive and defensive spells to defeat enemies and enhance their combat capabilities. Diablo: Hellfire introduces an alternate storyline in addition to Diablo’s original plot. In Diablo: Hellfire, players follows the story of a sorcerer who accidentally releases a demon called Na-Krul while performing a ritual beneath the town of Tristram. However, before the beast can escape, the sorcerer managed to seal the doors using his magic. The player’s main quest is to venture into the demon’s lair and defeat it.

Diablo: Hellfire also includes additional game features such as two new dungeon settings, new quests, new inventory items such as oils, runes, and traps, additional spells, as well as new weapons, armor, and shrines. Diablo: Hellfire also features a new hero class called a monk that has high resistance against attacks and uses a variety of support spells. This expansion pack also introduces new dungeon designs and more challenging boss levels.