Dia for Windows 0.97.2

The Dia Developers (Freeware)

Dia for Windows is vector-based visual drawing software developed by The Dia Developers. Dia for Windows supports various diagram types like network diagrams, flowcharts, and organizational charts. It has built-in readymade diagram objects and symbols, which users can utilize for their diagrams. Dia for Windows also supports raster image and other vector image formats. Dia for Windows also supports Python allowing scripting of Dia. Dia for Windows utilizes UML or Unified Modeling Language when creating diagrams, as well as Cisco, Sybase, and Database support.

Dia for Windows user interface features a quick access tool selection on the left panel and the blank grid-like Canvas occupying a large part of the interface. The Dia for Windows Canvas is the workspace or the users’ drawing space. The tool box contains the most common selection and drawing tools available for users. Users may add text, zoom, scroll, grab and draw lines and various shapes using the tools in the toolbox. Dia for Windows offers a number of sheets, which contains icons, symbols, and objects commonly used for different types of diagrams, for example, electrical or flowchart. These icons may be resized, edited, and saved or exported after save. Even the Dia for Windows canvas may be customized according to the users’ preferences as to surface specifications, icons, and categories.