DH Driver Cleaner Professional Edition


DH Driver Cleaner Professional Edition is a utility program that enables users to manage several of their hardware drivers. This program is used to search and clean the user’s computer for registry settings and other leftover files that do not disappear even after the driver software was uninstalled. DH Driver Cleaner Professional Edition can be used to deal with those fragment files from drivers of various hardware devices such as the computer’s graphics card, motherboard, and soundcard. The program is used to prepare the computer’s system by cleaning up old driver files and registry logs that might interfere with the installation of new driver software. By doing this, DH Driver Cleaner Professional Edition will ensure that no conflicts, crashes, or driver issues will occur after the users have installed the new driver software. If a new driver is installed without cleaning up the remaining files of the old driver, it may result into poor performance of the hardware, or it may result into startup failure for programs connected to that hardware.

DH Driver Cleaner Professional Edition has a very simple and clean interface that has two parts. First part is the cleaning selection that has a drop down list of all the available drivers in the user’s computer. Users can choose to clean one or multiple files. The added drivers will be displayed on the box on the right side of the drop down list. The next part is driver cleanup details display, which shows the progress of the driver cleanup process. Users can start the driver cleanup task by clicking the “start” button on the right middle portion of the window.