DGIndex 1.5.8

Neuron (Freeware)

DGIndex is an MPEG-2 video stream decoder developed by Neuron and released in March 2010. This program is also a video de/multiplexer and a video frameserver.  A video frameserver is a program that allows video streaming into another program or a frameclient. A video de/multiplexer is a program that separates the different parts of a video file. DGIndex can be a standalone program or a preparation tool. As a de/multiplexer, it can provide users with detailed information regarding MPEG-1 files. This program can also demux and repair MPEG-1 video files. DGIndex can also be a video analysis and preparation tool that may be used in coordination with other video programs like AviSynth.

DGIndex File Menu shows the most common commands like Open, Close, Load Project, Save Project, Demux video, Demux Audio-only Stream, and Save BMP. Users can also Preview, Play, Pause and Stop video playback. DGIndex Stream menu that features Detect PIDs: PAT/PMT, PSIP, and Raw. This menu also allows users to set the PIDs or tags to be applied. The Video menu allows users to specify the iDCT algorithm, Field operation, and Color conversion.  It also features a Luminance Filter, Cropping Filter, and HD display specifications. DGIndex Audio Menu provides users the option to specify the output method and control the audio processing. Audio menu also features the Dolby Decode submenu and audio normalization. Options menu features Process priority, Loop Playback and Playback speed customizations.