Dg Foto Art Application

PXL Soft. (Shareware)

Dg Foto Art is a digital album creation tool that helps users make designer albums. It is a complete, stand-alone application that can be used without any third party tools. This program is a comprehensive suite that has advanced features for complete photo management. Enhancement tools allows users to adjust color curves and saturation levels; histograms are included as guides for color correction. It has several image editing tools such as magic wand and cloning tool. Also, it carries a number of newly-added image enhancement features such as X-Y rotation, outlines, and glows.

Dg Foto Art comes with an easy drag-and-drop feature for faster album creation. There are over 1700 available templates and a large library of masks, cliparts, borders, and backgrounds. Audio tracks may also be added as background music when viewing the album. Users can work on several pages simultaneously and make their own templates. Templates can be resized to fit web pages. Projects may also be resized automatically. The available onboard control allows the instant resizing and rotating of photos. One can also flip images vertically or horizontally. The program comes with slideshow generator so users can easily view their work. It supports all standard graphic formats such as JPG, BMP, and TARGA.