DG Defragmenter

BeON Corp (Freeware)

DG Defragmenter is a system utility that enables users to optimize their computer’s performance by defragmenting files. Files fragment when split up into small pieces because of repeated modification and saving. These files are then scattered in the hard disk, so that the computer takes more time to retrieve them because each piece has to be located before it is read. As a result, computers with fragmented files have a tendency to be slow in launching programs and opening saved files.

Through DG Defragmenter, the fragmented files are “fixed” and grouped together to allow for a better performance and faster operations. Aside from defragmenting files, this application is also equipped with a utility that enables it to clean the user’s hard disk, called Find Junk Files. It also works as an HDD benchmarking application through its built-in HD-Tune utility. With three functions in one, this application eliminates the need to install separate programs.

With its intuitive interface, this program does not require advanced skills for its use, making it ideal for beginners who want to do file administration and hard drive optimization. It gives users six different defragmentation options to suit their computer’s partition format. Users can also defragment up to three hard drives (and partitions) at the same time.