D'Fusion Augmented Reality

Total Immersion (Freeware)

D'Fusion Augmented Reality is a program suite that lets users design Augmented Reality projects. Augmented Reality or AR is a technology that creates a composite view of real and virtual by overlaying a computer-generated image on a user’s view. The composite scene is designed to enhance the viewer’s sensory perception and interaction with the virtual world. The technology of Augmented Reality is used in creating applications for military training, flight simulation, robotics, and designing structures, among other purposes. D'Fusion Studio is a platform that can be used to create AR applications for the Web, interactive booths, and mobile devices.

The D'Fusion Augmented Reality platform provides application developers with features for rendering, image recognition and marker-less tracking, interactions, communication, and program development. One of the key features of this program suite is its Ogre 3D Engine, an open-source tool that ensures the best quality rendering of 3D objects and animations. Its Physics Engine is used for game development so users can render objects, such as racing cars, and their behavior on the track accurately. For interactions, the application offers face tracking and motion detection functions. The face tracking function focuses on detecting the eyes and the mouth and is capable of recognizing faces of men and women both children and adult. Programmers can also use the application’s built-in LUA scripting tool, debugger, and Autodesk exporters to create their Augmented Reality projects with.