Dexster 3.5

Softdiv Software Sdn Bhd (Shareware)

Dexster is a music production utility that lets users record and rework any audio file. This audio-editing program has a number of different features and can support the simultaneous editing of multiple files. The audio file can be seen in its wave form so users can see each audio aspect such as the treble and bass and edit the file visually. This program also allows users to create an audio recording. The edited files may be saved in standard audio formats and burned to CD. Audio files may also be converted to other file formats.

Users can choose from several different effects they can apply to a file. These include Fade, Normalize, Trim, Pitch Shift, Reverse, and Vibrato. In addition, this audio tool offers VST or Virtual Studio Technology effects that allows music editors to reduce noise and vocals on a track, mix stereo channels, reduce clicks and pops, and even insert silence and noise. Dexster also lets users extract tracks from audio CDs and videos, as well as merge two or more audio tracks together. Music producers can also apply various filters to an audio file, or to a selected part. These include a Low Pass Filter, a Notch Filter, and a Band Pass Filter. Filters are used to correct and clean up certain parts of a track so the resulting sound will be crisper.

The program supports various audio formats, including compressed WAV, AIFF, and M4A Audio.