NirSoft (Freeware)

DevManView is an alternative application for the Device Manager. The program’s view is comprehensive, rotatable, and customizable. All devices, as well as their properties are displayed in a flat table rather than the tree viewer. Unwanted devices can be disabled. The program can also be used to search Google devices, show properties sheets, and load devices in case of remote Windows instances.

The list of devices found in another computer that is in the same network as the user can also be viewed. Administrator rights are however imperative to be able to do this.  Disabling unwanted devices is beneficial when a computer has problems in booting. The list for currently disabled devices can be saved in a config. file. Devices that are not found in the disable device file are enabled when one chooses the “Load Disabled Devices Profile” button. Options such as load and save disabled profile are also provided. Columns can be customized to be resized automatically based on column headers and row values. Entries can be moved down or up and specific columns can be selected for display. A Driver Date option organizes the list in terms of oldest and newest driver versions.  The application is portable and can be stored in devices such as USB drives.