DevMan Application

Michael Ullrich (Shareware)

DevMan (a contraction of ‘Device Manager’) is mobile utility designed to help smartphone users improve the performance of their portable devices. Similar to how Task Manager works on desktop computers that run on Windows, this software displays a list of the running applications on the phone and how much random access memory is being consumed by each program. One such feature is the Free Ram module at the bottom right of the screen, which frees up RAM on the phone.

Users can increase the free RAM and optimize smartphone memory by using the Compress Heaps command. RAM can also be freed without user intervention by activating the AutoCompression option or by leaving the smartphone’s case open. Aside from the ability to free up RAM to boost the performance of mobile devices, DevMan also lets the user gain access to any running application that shows up on the utility.

The Symbian-based DevMan has customizable features that help users use their phones more efficiently. It leaves a light memory footprint, which means that it consumes very little memory as it runs continuously and silently in the background. It can be displayed on-screen by pressing a programmable hotkey. The application can be launched at start-up whenever the smartphone is turned on.