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Devil May Cry 4 is a single-player hack and slash game first released in 2008. It is the fourth title in the Devil May Cry series of video games. Players control two characters in the game – Dante and Nero. The game’s storyline takes place between the events in Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2. In the game, players are given missions that must be completed. These missions consist of collecting items or solving puzzles. After each mission, the player is given a rating, D being the lowest and S being the highest. The rating is based on the items gathered, the resources used, and how long the mission was finished.

The game is separated into two parts. The first part of the game focuses on Nero and the second part of the game focuses on Dante.

• Nero – Nero uses a Red Queen sword and a Blue Rose Revolver. He also has a demonic arm that contains the power of the Devil Bringer. As the game progresses, the Devil Bringer improves and Nero gets new abilities.
• Dante – Dante has four styles namely Gunslinger, Trickster, Royal Guard, and Sword Master. Near the end of the game, he also gets the Dark Slayer style after finishing a mission.

One of the main additions to the game is Proud Soul. The Proud Soul can be obtained after finishing a mission. It can be used to gain new abilities and to upgrade the character’s style.