CAPCOM CO., LTD. (Proprietary)

DEVIL MAY CRY 4 BENCHMARK is the fourth installment of a game series that started with the game entitled, “Devil May Cry.” DEVIL MAY CRY 4 BENCHMARK is the creation of CAPCOM CO., LTD. This action game presents the players with life-like characters and vivid environments. The makers of Devil May Cry are also the creators of Resident Evil 4.

There are new features in the PC version of the game, particularly in terms of content, modes, and additional graphics options. The visual effects of the game are designed to provide maximum excitement to the avid gamer. The most recent installment in the famous series is also playable in Xbox 360 and PS3.

DEVIL MAY CRY 4 BENCHMARK is a game that is set in a supernatural world. Dante is the name of the protagonist of the game. He is known to be capable of a number of self-defense and offensive maneuvers. Players of this game can control Dante’s moves in combat and choose to use a variety of tools such as swords and firearms. Nero is the name of the new hero who has been endowed with a “Devil Bringer” arm. This powerful weapon is Nero’s primary tool to fight the antagonists. Other characters that the player will encounter are Trish, Lady, Kyrie, Gloria, Agnus, and Credo.