Lantronix (Freeware)

DeviceInstaller from Lantronix is a graphical user interface application made for computer systems that run on Windows. DeviceIstaller’s main function is the simplification of the installation of UDS device servers as well as CoBox. This program provides Windows patrons a means of simplifying everyday tasks related to Internet use. This tool is a free program that is readily available to all Windows users anywhere in the world.

The following are some of the basic uses of DeviceInstaller. First, it has the ability to load firmware and custom web pages. Second, it also provides a device server Internet-based configuration. Lastly, this utility can assign network-specific addresses such as Internet Protocol addresses.

This utility provides users with a convenient way to configure server products. DeviceInstaller also includes APS Configuration and DST utilities, which work in tandem to give users a secure and efficient way of remotely managing equipment via the Web. This particular suite serves as a device and computer-networking tool. Computer users who need an easy to use, no cost program will find that DeviceInstaller is not one of those tools that are very difficult to use and master. Rather, this utility meets the needs of users without any background in computers and programming.