Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link

Square Enix Limited (Proprietary)

The Missing Link is a game expansion for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution game. It was released in 2011. This add-on takes place while Adam was on his way to Singapore from Hengsha. It reveals what Adam Jensen went through during his three-day disappearance in the main game.

This add-on pack reveals that Jensen was captured and tortured for information by Netanya Keitner and Pieter Burke. During this time, Jensen was tied to an electromagnetic chair that restrains augmentation preventing Adam from using any of his augmentations (this provides players with an opportunity to remake Adam with 5 to 7 Praxis kits). The EMP chair restraining Adam is surprisingly deactivated and he was able to escape and retrieve his vest. As the story unfolds, it was shown that Keitner set him free and she asked Adam to help her find proof of illegal research that occurs in the Belltower. This eventually leads Adam to discover what Belltower is doing for the Illuminati research.

This content pack is entirely separated from the main game, which enables players to access it anytime. However, it requires the Deus Ex: Human Revolution game to be installed in order to access it. The Missing Link offers new environments featuring upgraded weather and lighting effects. The storyline adds about five hours in the total game adding new elements and characters associated with the main plot. Other added features in the game include 10 new trophies/achievements and a golden revolver.