Destruction Derby 2

Reflections Interactive (Proprietary)

Destruction Derby 2 is the second installment of the racing game series, Destruction Derby. It offers the player with three game modes: Destruction Derby, Stock Car Racing, and Wreckin’ Racing, each of which gives the player a different goal. In Destruction Derby, the player competes against other derby racers in various arenas. In Stock Car Racing, the only way for the player to win the race is to beat the other drivers to the finish line. In Wreckin’ Racing, the player is required to crash into other cars and destroy them. Players can choose from among three types of cars as well as a wide array of tracks, which includes four enclosed arenas and seven runways.

Aside from racing against other derby drivers, challenges that players face in this game include keeping the car under control on the slippery track and surviving the various calamities that take place during the races. Cars can roll over, skid to the side, or break into multiple shards that can wreck other cars in the track. Players can go to pit stops to have their cars repaired or restored. The camera angles are provided by the in-car and low chase cameras. The race announcer is voiced by American motorsports broadcaster Paul Page and most of the songs are performed by British thrash metal band, Jug.