DeSmuME SSE2 0.9.9

DeSmuME (Freeware)

DeSmuME is an emulation software capable of allowing Nintendo DS games to run on the computer. Nintendo DS is a portable video game console manufactured by Nintendo. Most Nintendo DS games do not have a computer version. With this emulator, Nintendo DS games can be played on the computer without having a Nintendo DS. Additionally, it can also run homebrew games and applications. Homebrew is the name given to a software or application that is not "officially" licensed to be playable by a certain device; in this case, the Nintendo DS.

In order to play Nintendo DS games on DeSmuMe, a ROM file must first be uploaded to the application. A ROM file contains the game's data. After the file is uploaded, it can now run the game. Additional settings can be tweaked to customize the gaming experience. There are settings to change the game's display, sounds, and controls. It also lets players select joysticks to function as controls instead of the keyboard. Just input the correct controls by pressing the corresponding joystick button.

DeSmuME allows saving of Nintendo DS games. If a game is saved, the player can start from that point the next time he plays the game. An internal battery also allows time-sensitive situations to function in the games that are loaded.