DesktopX Widget

Stardock (Shareware)

DesktopX is a desktop customization and enhancement application which enables users to create custom desktops. The program is available in three editions – DesktopX Client, DesktopX Standard, and DesktopX Pro. Aside from these editions, the program can also be obtained as part of the subscription to Object Desktop.

The program can be used for creating three widget types. These are Objects, Gadgets, and Widgets. Objects are loaded into a currently running DesktopX environment while widgets are objects that are created as executable files. Widgets need DesktopX to work. Gadgets are like widgets. The main difference is that they are standalone applications. Widgets are created using the program’s widget engine while the program objects are created using its desktop object system. All the created widgets can be saved as widget files or as .desktop files.

DesktopX can be used for creating common object functions such as displaying a menu, emptying the Recycle Bin, or running an application. In addition, users may also modify sounds, animations, and variations without the need for scripting. To extend the program’s capabilities, users may also download DesktopX plug-ins. These plug-ins do not require scripting as well. Other functions of the program include loading alternative desktops made by other users, creating/exporting objects/widgets, support for scripting via VB Script or Jscript, and exporting widgets as gadgets, among others.