DesktopX Builder


Desktop X Builder is an application that comes with the Desktop X Enterprise, Professional, or Enhanced program. This program is used for creating gadgets, widgets, and desktop items using some objects from DesktopX. It supports creations of objects, such as buttons, pictures, and text. The application’s environment is on the desktop itself. Objects can be added by right clicking on the program’s icon on the system tray. When objects are created, their properties can be changed by accessing the settings window. This can also be done by utilizing the Object Navigator, which displays a list of all the objects added.

The settings window shows three task buttons – Import an object, Import a widget, and Load a Desktop. Widgets that are imported to the application can be edited, too. Under the Desktop tab, users have access to different commands, such as hide desktop icons, new object, and import. Other areas include:

• Labels – This enables the user to change the appearance of the labels.
• Desktop Data Folder – This folder consists of all the items placed on the current desktop.
• Workarea – This button allows the user to manage portions of the desktop that are reserved for windows.
• Resolutions – This button enables the user to set the resolutions for the desktop.