DesktopSlides (Shareware)

DesktopSlides is a gadget that facilitates desktop wallpaper change for Windows computer systems. This lightweight program is compatible with Windows XP and other higher versions. This application runs seamlessly on compatible operating systems and does not take up much disk memory space.

There are a number of control settings that users can manipulate. Users of DesktopSlides can set the time interval and they can also change the position of the wallpaper to tile, fit to screen and center. This freeware is user-friendly and works effectively as a wallpaper cycler. The tool also monitors the folders automatically. Filters are built-in to load the wallpapers that fit the system’s resolution and ratio. This utility can shuffle wallpaper options such that the order of the visual displays is picked at random.

Users of this tool will discover that there are no bloatware and adware embedded. There are no third party toolbars as well. DesktopSlides gives users periodic updates for new program versions and upgrades. DesktopSlides offers Windows users live wallpapers as well.

DesktopSlides has a share option that can be used only when the live wallpaper features is on. The live wallpaper selection has two options namely User Favorites and Category. This feature is limited to eight wallpapers daily download ratio to minimize server overload.