DesktopCoral 1.11.01

Mouser (Freeware)

DesktopCoral is a small application that enables users to reserve an area of their computer’s desktop from maximized program windows. This application continues to display the items located on the reserved area even if there are multiple windows occupying the whole desktop. DesktopCoral functions as an invisible docking bar that can be resized and docked to any side of the computer’s desktop. With this application, users may view important icons from background programs while working on a program that requires a maximized window. DesktopCoral is particularly useful for displaying small information applications such as monitoring software, calendar, statistics viewers, etc. In addition to these, DesktopCoral also has a set of options that enables users to set the dock width and height, dock transparency, and set the background image.

DesktopCoral’s user interface is the transparent space reserved on the desktop. Users can drag the area from one desktop side to another. The application’s options panel contains different buttons that allows users to toggle the different attributes of the application. Users may set the application to automatically activate during startup, set the opacity from a scale of 0 to 100, select a background image from a folder, and select a theme: Tile, Zigzag, Center, or Stretch.