DeskTopAuthor 7.1.1

DNAML Pty Ltd (Shareware)

DeskTopAuthor is an application primarily used for creating and publishing 3D eBooks online. The application can also be used to create computer presentations (called ePresentations), digital magazines, and digital catalogs. The software has the ability to create eBooks that can have hundreds of pages with text, and multimedia such as images, music, and videos. Links in the eBook are also supported. After creating the eBook, the resulting file has a small file size. Because of that, it can be easily transferred to other computers through e-mail. It can also be transferred to portable devices like external hard drives and USBs.

EBooks created using DeskTopAuthor are in a format compatible with Internet publication, or specifically, on a webpage. The user is given a code, which will then be used to publish the eBook as a webpage. This means there is no need for HTML knowledge post the eBook or parts of it as a webpage.

Other features of the software are the following:

• The user can copy and paste text from the eBook with a few mouse clicks.
• The program’s e-mail feature allows the user to send a copy of the eBook through electronic mail. This function also allows the user to send a message along with the e-mail.
• Images in the eBook can be edited through the program’s built-in editor.