Desktop SMS

Interactive Digital Media (Freeware)

Desktop SMS is a desktop utility used for sending and receiving SMS messages from Windows desktops. Aside from this main function, the program is also used for managing SMS. This allows users to track the status of sent messages from the user’s account. Users can also set the program to receive messages delivered to a computer.

The program has its own inbox that allows users to read incoming messages straight from the desktop. This inbox is also where the users reply to the messages. Tracking of both replies and outgoing messages is possible as well. The program also displays a list of all recently sent messages. When users send or receive messages, delivery reports are provided also. There is also a non-HTTPS sending option for users.

Other features offered by Desktop SMS include the following:

• The program allows users to send SMS messages straight from Microsoft Outlook.
• Sending SMS to multiple recipients simultaneously is possible. The program provides delivery confirmation via an online archive.
• Desktop SMS provides access to users even there is no mail client via the taskbar icon.
• SMS messages can also be sent to emails for copies. Users can send bcc copies of the SMS as email messages.
• The program provides full integration with MS Outlook.