Desktop Presenter

Telestream Inc (Freeware)

Desktop Presenter is an application that enables users to broadcast or share their computer’s desktop to another computer on the network through Telestream Wirecast or another supported program. Users can also select a particular running window (such as a game) to broadcast. This application comes included with the Wirecast 4.3 program and may also be downloaded separately. Wirecast is a program that enables users to broadcast the computer desktop as a live source.

When Desktop Presenter is launched, users can add it as a source in Wirecast so they can obtain live feeds. To add a source, users can click on the ‘Sources’ menu and choose between New Local Desktop Presenter or New Remote Desktop Presenter. Users can also add a source from the menu labeled “Shot Tool Menu” located in the program’s layer window. The “New Local” option enables users to present the desktop or a portion of it where Wirecast is being run, while the “New Remote” option presents a desktop from another computer in the network. Users can enter the IP address of the target computer.

Users can choose the capture type for broadcasting. There are three options:

• Game – captures the full resolution of a selected game that is currently playing on the screen
• Windows Monitor – captures the whole desktop display of a specified monitor
• Window – captures a window selected by the user