Desktop Lock V.1

Madcrosoft UK (Bundled)

Desktop Lock is a small application that locks the desktop with a password to prevent other users from accessing important data. This is useful for computers in a shared space. The program is a component of the PC Tuneup Tools program that consists of different system utilities for optimizing the computer’s performance, such as a registry cleaner, file shredder, memory manager, startup manager, and file shredder. Locking the desktop can be done in just a few simple steps. The application’s small window can be accessed from the Windows Control Panel. Users can set a password by typing the password on the “New password” field and retyping it on the “Confirm password” field. After the “Ok” button is clicked, the desktop will be locked to other users.

When accessing the desktop, Desktop Lock will launch a small window to ask for a password. The correct password must be supplied before the computer can be used again. The program can also be configured so that only a blank screen is seen when the computer is inactive. Users are free to change the password anytime.

Desktop Lock automatically starts up when the computer is booted up. When not in use, the application runs in the background.