Desktop Icon Toy 4.7

iDeskSoft (Proprietary)

Desktop Icon Toy is a user-friendly desktop icon enhancement tool which allows users to make creative designs of their windows desktops icons while still keeping it simple and organized. The program allows changing and reverting to the original set-up with a few clicks of the mouse. It can remove the desktop icons altogether and keep the icon texts instead, make all icons small, put their text on the right side, and automatically select the icon when the mouse is kept on the icon (normally, the icon is selected only when double clicked).

The key features of Desktop Icon Toy include the following:

• Arrange Desktop Icons- This feature allows users to arrange desktop icons according to their preference. Icons can be arranged as straight row on the right, on the left, on top, or wherever on the screen the user likes to.  It can be assembled as  clock, a 4-pointed, 5-pointed or 6-pointed star, a cross, different kinds of hearts, as a triangle, rhombus, pentagon, decagon, and many other polygons, and as a horizontal, spiral or circle.
• Mouse Gesture – This feature allows users to make simple changes with the positioning of the icon with the mouse. For instance, holding the left mouse button on the empty area of the desktop and then moving and releasing it on the right side will arrange all the icons to the right.
• Animate Desktop Icons – This feature adds to the fun part of the program. For instance, keeping the mouse over an icon will make it dance while dragging the icons and dropping them on different location will make them rally around the desktop at very fast or at very slow speeds.
• Lock Desktop Icons – This feature protects the desktop icons from being moved by mistake.
• Swap Desktop Icons in Primary Motor – Users who use multiple monitors could have different needs for each monitor. This feature allows users to utilize the layout for multiple monitors and change to primary monitor in case they need to switch to single monitor mode.

Other features include the capability to change desktop icon size from 48x48, 64x64 to 128x128, revise tooltips so the wording can easily be understood by the user, remove desktop icon texts to reduce clutter on the screen, show/hide desktop icons and icon texts on demand, change desktop icon tool color and, save desktop icon position.