Desktop iCalendar

Desksware (Shareware)

Desktop iCalendar is a desktop calendar that displays the information from Google and Yahoo accounts. The program supports synchronization of content from Yahoo! Calendar, Google Tasks, and Google Calendar. Aside from displaying a calendar on the desktop, the program is also capable of displaying other content, such as the current weather condition, and a list of things to do. The calendar can be shared with other contacts to remind friends of upcoming important events. The application also reminds users of events that are coming up.

The settings menu allows the user to customize the display. The calendar can be modified so that a different type of calendar appears on the desktop. Some of the available calendars are the local calendar, Yahoo calendar, Google public calendar, and webCal calendar. Activities, important events, and memos can be added to the To-do list, too. The user can set the alarm for the reminder under the To-do window.

Other features of the Desktop iCalendar application include the following:

• appearance of window is customizable with skins
• easy to use interface
• automatic synching of calendars
• comes with a help file that explains the basics of the application
• makes use of  high-quality fonts