Desktop Earth 2.1.1

Marton Anka (Freeware)

Desktop Earth is a wallpaper that places a view of the planet Earth as how it is seen from outer space. The wallpaper gets updated every so often, so that the image is true to the real view of the earth at that very moment. All images displayed by the program come from Blue Marble Next from NASA, which features a collection of images from outer space. The wallpaper also changes with the day/night shift and also whenever the season changes. Users can see areas of the Earth that are enveloped in snow during wintertime.

After installation, the program places a shortcut icon on the desktop. Users can access the Settings menu to change image and display options. Under image options, changes that can be made include the time zone, thickness of clouds, day image, night image, and how often the image is updated. Display options allow the user to choose to display the Earth as an active desktop item or as a regular wallpaper. Cloud updates can also be fetched from the Internet by accessing the option from the program’s icon on the system tray.  

Other features of the program are:

• Provides a realistic view of Earth
• Supports multi-monitor systems
• The Earth image changes when the desktop size changes