Otaku Software Pty. Ltd. (Shareware)

DeskSpace, formerly called Yod’m 3D (Yet Another Desktop Manager 3D), is a 3D desktop manager. The program displays the desktop as a 3D cube, wherein users can arrange icons for applications on six different desktops (one desktop for each side of the cube). Each side of the cube can be arranged according to the user’s computer activities. One desktop can be dedicated for work and another for leisure. In addition, users can also customize the look for each desktop (wallpaper, screensaver, etc). Users can set a photo and name for each desktop to distinguish them from one another.

The DeskSpace appears as an icon on the system tray. Users can access other desktops by clicking on the icon or setting hotkeys. The application can also be disabled when the user want to revert back to the original look of the desktop. Windows of applications can also be moved between desktops. This can be done by dragging the window of an application to the edge of the screen.  

Other features of the DeskSpace application include the following:
• Attractive 3D interface
• Eliminates desktop clutter
• Provides more space for applications
• Set hot keys for commands
• Display the cube on up to nine monitors