Delft Spline Systems (Shareware)

DeskProto is an advanced 3D computer-aided manufacturing application that enables users to use data from 2D drawings, 3D reliefs, and 3D geometry for the creation of prototypes. With this tool, wax model makers, packagers, sculptors, woodworkers, jewelers, and designers will be able to create prototypes of their product designs quickly and with ease. It can also be used for designing orthopedic and dental appliances.

This application easily connects to any CNC milling device and provides users with online access to manuals, tutorials, and sample projects. It makes use of computer numerical control or CNC programming language that gives the cutting machine a series of instructions about how fast, where, and through what path the tool has to move to be able to cut the design precisely.

Using this program involves three major steps:

• Import geometry files – users can import STL or DXF files from any 3D CAD application into DeskProto
• Edit geometry – users can then scale, mirror, or rotate their design. Users can also visually monitor the resulting toolpaths with every change they make.
• Enter milling parameters – the type of cutting tool, precision, cutting speeds, and strategy are indicated

When this is done, the application will do the rest, including the calculations for toolpaths to ensure accuracy in cutting for export to the milling machine.