DeskHedron 1.0

Koji Higashino (Freeware)

DeskHedron is a 3D desktop manager that can switch the desktop through a 3D graphic user interface. Switching the desktop can be done through the mouse wheel. It can also be done through the left and right cursor keys. 9 desktops can be organized by the software. Switching from one desktop to another is effortless through this software, which allows a user to open multiple windows from each work area. The default is only two desktops. By accessing the system tray, the user can configure the software to handle 9 desktops. It can also be done through the menu.

Customization is supported through the visual desktop. Display icons and wallpapers can be changed. Desktop can be left still active, but the user can opt in to close all sessions when logging off or shutting down the computer. The software is just an EXE file. This means there is no need to install it. When the user starts using the program, a new icon will be displayed in the system tray. This will represent DeskHedron.

Other features of the software are the following:

• Unobtrusive graphical effect when changing desktops
• Desktop processes do not stop even when switching to another desktop
• Help clean up a user’s cluttered monitor.
• Quick 3D effect in transition