DeskDrive 1.8.5

Blue Onion Software (Freeware)

Desk Drive is a desktop utility program used for managing external devices. It works by automatically detecting external devices on the computer then creates a shortcut/s on the desktop for easy access. Using this program, there’s no need to open Window Explorer to find the mapped drive and access its contents. The desktop icon will serve as the “shortcut” to access the external device. After installing it, the program will reside in the system try and continuously monitors newly inserted devices. Every time an external device is inserted, it will automatically detect it and perform its job. Once the external device is ejected, the desktop shortcut will be removed automatically.

Desk Drive can be set up to launch a Window Explorer for the external device once it is detected. The generated desktop icon is labeled with the proper letter for easy identification. This icon can redirect users to the device’s main directory. Right-clicking it will display the actions that can be applied to the external drive instead of the contextual menu. The compatibility of the program extends into removable storage, networked drives and more. The application does not only handle the usual unencrypted USB devices. It can also handle encrypted USB drives.

The program also offers a Settings window where users can choose what type of device/drive to recognize or exclude. It can also be set to hide the tray icon, remember icon positions, minimize the windows and run on startup.