DesignPro® 5.5

Avery Dennison Corporation (Shareware)

DesignPro 5.5 is a program used for designing and creating Avery labels, greeting cards, t-shirt transfers, business cards and more. It offers more than 2000 pre-designed Avery templates, which can be customized according to the user’s needs. Users also have the option to use these templates as is or tweak it. Aside from the predefined templates, the program also allows creating a design from scratch using a blank template. In creating a project, the application offers a step-by-step project wizard. This wizard offers a guide through the entire designing process.

In the Design screen, the available tools are provided. This is the main working area of the program. The program also features a built-in photo editor that provides basic editing tools. Some of the tools included here are Line Thickness, Fill Color, Fill Pattern, Crop and more. The program can also be used for creating identical labels/product panels. Aside from the available designs, there’s also an option to use clipart from the clipart gallery or insert a custom image. The application can be used to calibrate print output as well via the Calibrate Output function. This function ensures that the created design will be printed out correctly. There’s also the Mail Merge feature, which is used for creating a list or importing an existing list from Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.