Oracle Corporation (Freeware)

The Designer/2000 program was developed and released by the Oracle Corporation. This is considered as a highly reliable yet extremely user-friendly data management program. It allows its users to rely on a series of CASE tools under the Oracle brand to design information systems for the efficient distribution and storage of data within a particular computer system. CASE stands for computer aided software engineering. It is normally used by those who design information systems after these are generated.

It is quite simple to generate a reliable information system. Arranging the data on this system is the challenging part and this is what the Designer/2000 from the Oracle Corporation aims to help people with. After the information system has been generated, this design application can be used to create and alter system generation codes with the help of the Oracle Developer Suite which comes bundled with the Designer/2000 program.

There are different features that can be expected by those who use the Designer/2000 program including a business process modeler. The program is also able to provide users with access to different tools related to systems analysis modeling as well as client and server generators. For ease of usage, wizards that aid both in applications and database management are also available.