Trauma Studios (Freeware)

Desert Combat is a game mod especially developed for the first person shooter game Battlefield 1942. The game enables players to join the opposition or coalition forces, and play Battlefield as a modern combatant. This game mod likewise features new game maps including Capture the Flag and Conquest maps. The DC mod also offers new weapons. Desert Combat is set during the Gulf War in Iraq. The game mod gained traction due to real world events in Iraq, particularly the 2003 Iraq invasion by the US Coalition forces.  The game is also loosely based on real world conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. The game mod was released on October 2004 by Trauma Studios. However, the original creators are Frank Delise, Tim Brophy, and Brian Holinka.

Desert Combat is developed for players of FPS game Battlefield 1942. Battlefield 1942 is a video game released by Digital Illusions CE. The game features single player game mode and multiplayer mode. The developer released other Desert Combat secondary mods. These include Desert Combat Extended, and Desert Combat Realism. Desert Combat Final is the last secondary mod released of the Desert Combat series.

Desert Combat won several awards as a game mod. These include Fileplanet’s Best Mod of 2003 and GameSpy’s 2003 PC Modification of the Year. Desert Combat  Final was not released by Trauma Studios.