Depth Hunter

Biart Company (Shareware)

Depth Hunter is an underwater diving game where players are sent to different missions that require them to complete a variety of tasks. The player does underwater hunting and spear fishing using a mechanical harpoon throughout the game. The game features three diving locations namely Thailand, Bahamas, and South Africa. A player starts at the South Africa location then proceeds to Bahamas and Thailand as he progresses and completes missions. Each underwater location has its own specific ocean life and terrain under and over the water specific to it.

Missions in the game include such tasks as hunting down different fish species and withstanding the quandary of an ancient fishing method – breath-holding spear fishing. The game character is also equipped with an oxygen meter, which must be fully utilized in every mission. Game over happens if it runs out within a certain mission.

Fighting predators is also customary within missions for players to level up. Unraveling treasures is also one of the features of the game. In the game’s free mode, a player has the option to discover and explore the detailed, lively, and simulated water world of Depth Hunter. The game has its own soundtrack composed of soothing music. Graphics are also visually stunning. Textures that make up marine life, such as coral and fish are found to be realistic even up close.