Depositfiles Filemanager (Freeware)

Depositfiles Filemanager is a program for managing file downloads. Users must create a free account online in order to use the application. There are two types of accounts available – Free and Gold. The application works just like any file manager. Users can add links on the main window to start downloading the files from the URL. The program’s main window shows the progress of the downloaded files on the main part of the window. Some of the information that can be seen includes the ID, file name, state, and the progress of the download.  

Depositfiles Filemanager also offers different options after downloading. Users can set the computer to shutdown or sleep after all the downloaded files are done. The traffic mode enables users to set the speed for downloading. One of the features of the application is the scheduler, which enables users to specify a time for downloading the files. The settings for the scheduler can be applied to a specific file or to all the downloaded files.

Other features of the Depositfiles Filemanager application are the following:
• Downloads may be resumed using a different IP address
• Multi-thread downloading for faster download speed
• Automatically detects links on a page
• Forced download
• User friendly interface