Department 42 The Mystery of the Nine

Frogwares Game Development Studio (Shareware)

Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine is a mystery adventure hidden object game developed by the company, Frogwares Game Development Studio. The plot follows the adventures of a female paranormal detective named Alice Wright, who works for a secret organization. This group is bent on investigating supernatural phenomena and find out the truth behind them. The player’s character is tasked to find nine evil objects that have gone missing because of a fire that happened at Grimstone mansion. Each artifact has a story, and it is the player’s job to solve all of them to get rid of the evil once and for all. Just like a typical hidden object game, the player needs to locate the items on the list at the bottom of the screen; once they are found, they disappear from the list.

What sets Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine apart from other hidden object games is the addition of special puzzles, wherein the player needs to manipulate certain objects in order to unlock new parts of the scene. This enhances the game as it gives players a bit of variety and more challenge. There are mini-games that players can play at any time during the game such as “spot the difference” and “match 3” style games.