DEMView Application

Overland Conveyor (Proprietary)

DEMView Application is a program used in conjunction with Overland Conveyor’s Bulk Flow Analyst (BFA) program. It is used to visualize and publish the DEM results that have been generated through BFA. In particular, this application is able to show the pressure or speed as well as the location and model geometry on the DEM particles. BFA users can access the visualized model through a button in the program or by opening the simulation folder and clicking on the .dem file. This application will then display the model. Users can view the results of the BFA model before, after, and even while simulation is in progress.

This application also enables users to create videos and capture still images of the BFA simulation for sharing online or for future reference. The images and videos may also be inserted in reports as multimedia files. The other features of the DEMView Application include the following:

• Customization – users can adjust and select the text and background colors of the viewports as well as the line and face opacity. Users can also choose how to display particles; these can be shown according to size, speed, velocity, and pressure.
• Apply button – users can click this button in order to see and modify parameters for particle display
• Vector velocities – this application makes use of feet per minute when pertaining to the unit of particle velocity, which is the same unit used by BFA.