DemonStar 1

Mountain King Studios Inc. (Shareware)

DemonStar is a vertical scrolling shooter game created and distributed by the company, Mountain King Studios. It is an adaptation of an earlier shoot ‘em up game they developed in 1993 called Raptor. The player takes on the role of a test pilot for the RaptorX, which is a new starfighter being developed by the Terran Fleet. S/he must navigate the ship through scrolling fields and get past hordes of enemy fighters. In order to earn weapon power-ups, the player must kill as many opponents as possible. Some of the weapons that can be unlocked through these power-ups include bombs, lasers, missiles, and various killing methods. The game offers 18 levels, which increase in difficulty as the player progresses in the game. Before moving on to the next level, the player must go against a boss ship and destroy it completely.

DemonStar features 3D graphics that highlight the explosions and fighting sequences of the game. The main goal of the player in this game is to fight his/her way through the attack of Terran’s nemesis, the Xidus Fleet, and wipe out their strongest weapon named the DemonStar. The game offers single player and multi-player modes as well as a level editor, which is available through a command-line interface.