Impresys Corporation (Shareware)

DemoMate is an application that enables users to create, present, and also share product demonstrations easily and efficiently. It is easy to use and does not require skills in graphic design and computer engineering, making it an ideal tool for novice users. Demos created using this program may be published as drafts for review by others. The selected reviewers will be sent an invitation to view the demo in a confidential forum; the demo itself is published as a password-protected version for more security. The application has a track feedback and approval feature so users can collect feedback from the demo reviewers. When done, the demo may be downloaded from the password-protected website of DemoMate.

This program is equipped with several features that make it easy for users to come up with clear and concise demos. Some of these features are the following:

• Click-by-Click Instructions. This utility creates a documentation of the how-to demonstration, making a set of instructions users can review and modify.
• Integrated Presenter Scripts. This application enables users to add selling points and other text to demos.
• On-Screen Prompts. Users may choose to include on-screen prompts in their presentations. This feature is useful when salespersons are still being trained to memorize their demonstrations.