Demolition Master 3D 1.13

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Demolition Master 3D is an action puzzle game developed by the company, App Mania. The game is set in various construction sites that contain structures made of metal, stone, and wood. The player’s task is to knock down these structures using explosives. The player gets to choose the types of bombs, where to place them, how to arrange them, set their timing, and trigger their explosion. There are more than 100 levels to go through and the player must reach a certain target in knocking out a structure in order to clear each one. There are special items scattered around the structures and if they are hit during the knockout, the player earns extra points.

The game presents the player with bomb options from which to choose in different scenarios. The materials in the structures might require various explosive effects, so the player must select the appropriate bomb for the task. In some levels, the player must prevent debris from falling to nearby areas and in others, s/he earns bonus points if debris falls there. Achievements and trophies are awarded to the player for accomplishing these special objectives. Physics-related strategies are employed by the player to blow up the structures successfully while making the right effect on the surrounding areas.