Wondershare (Shareware)

DemoCreator is a screen recorder used for capturing windows or activities on the desktop. This can be used for tutorials, presentations, or demonstrations. The program is capable of three record modes – Full Screen, Custom Size, and Application. There are only three steps in creating a recording. They are:

1. Record – The first step is to choose a recording option and record the video. Users have full control over the size of the capture area. The movement of the mouse can be followed or all the activities on the screen can be recorded.
2. Edit – The application comes with basic and advanced editing features. Users can change colors, add shapes, arrange drawing elements on the video, and add style to the different objects on the screen.
3. Share – The last step is to share the demonstration in different ways. It can be exported as a Flash video, a regular video, YouTube video, email, or through a disc. There are different settings under each choice as well.

With the application, users can record audio from a separate source including a sound card or a microphone. The program comes with an audio editor that makes it easier to record, edit, and change the audio quality of files.