Deluxe Ski Jump 3 1.7.0

Mediamond Tmi (Shareware)

Deluxe Ski Jump 3 (DSJ3) is a ski jumping simulation game in 3D graphics. It was created by Mediamond Tmi and was released in October 2004. This game is modeled precisely on real world physics. The player controls how the ski jumper moves with mouse controls (mouse sensitivity can be adjusted). The goal of the game is to amaze the judges through three main steps. The first one is executing a take-off in a well-timed manner. The next step is finding the best flight angles then lastly, performing a smooth landing. The game offers about 40 different hills in the team cup or world cup events.

There are four game modes available in DSJ3 – World Cup, Team Cup, Online Game and Practice modes. Team Cup and Online Game requires players to register in Mediamond’s website. The World Cup and Team Cup modes enable players to play ski jumping with other players or with against CPU players. Players can adjust the skill levels of CPU opponents. There’s also an option to choose which hills the players are going to play in. The Practice mode serves as the training ground for the game while the Online Game mode allow players to play with other real players all around the globe. Online Game mode also offers chat functions allowing players to chat with other players. The game also offers regular tournaments that players can take part in.