Delux Pool

Carl Hopf (Freeware)

Delux Pool is an online multiplayer billiards game that features realistic physics at the level required by proficient billiard players. This game is endowed with similar effects encountered in actual tournaments. Those who are avid billiards players can enjoy the same excitement and face similar challenges. The designers of the game offer players eight-ball and nine-ball multiplayer pool.

This game has many different features including advanced 3D animation, backward and forward scheme, and configurable aiming as well. This application is designed such that it mimics real-life pool where accurate and fast shots help the player win.

In this computer game players are also offered the spin selector and hit and cue ball deflection functions. This helps Delux Pool players, especially beginners to line up shots and gain high scores. The high scores are given so that players will have something to aim for. This is a game where there are one and two player modes available.

Delux Pool offers players statistics and provides them with individual profiles. A buddy list is also available to those who want to join a community of pool players. They can pick out their favorites and add their names to this list. This is an online game allows players to challenge others who are into Delux Pool as well. The function known as automatch assigns players to random opponents.